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ASTM D2892 D5236 Crude Oil Distillation

Crude Oil Distillation / Petroleum Distillation

B/R Instrument offers a variety of equipment for Distillation of Crude Oil and Petroleum Distillation in fully automatic, semi automatic and manually operated models.

Fully Automatic Crude Oil Distillation System

Semi Automatic Crude Oil Distillation System

Mini Crude Oil Distillation System

Micro Crude Oil Distillation System


Fractional Distillation

Fractional distillation is a technique used to purify solvents, chemicals, natural products, petroleum, biodiesel, crude oil and other materials.

The distillation column separates various components according to their boiling points. The more efficient the distillation column, the better the separation.

Fractionating can be done in either a traditional packed distillation column or in a spinning band distillation column. B/R offers both types of distillation columns.

B/R Pilot Scale fractional distillation

B/R Lab Scale fractional distillation

B/R Mini fractional distillation

B/R Micro fractional distillation


ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

An ASTM D1160 (ISO 6616) vacuum distillation apparatus for the distillation of petroleum products and biodiesel.
All models conform to ASTM D1160

Fully Automatic D1160

Semi Automatic D1160

Manually Operated ASTM D1160


Natural Products, Flavors, Fragrances and Essential Oils

B/R Instrument offers a variety of equipment for distilling natural products, flavors, fragrances, and essential oils. 

We offer spinning band distillation columns and packed distillation columns of various sizes. Fully automatic and manually operated models are available. Boiling flask sizes range from 10ml to 50 liters and the number of theoretical plates range from 15 to 200. 

For purification of materials in the 1 to 50 liter range, the 9600 Fractional Distillation Apparatus is ideal. It is a high efficiency fractional distillation system capable of purifying essential oils, flavors, fragrances and natural products. The very low "hold up" means that the minimum amount of the valuable material is left behind in the distillation column after purification is complete. The microprocessor controller automates the fractional distillation, minimizing the need for operator attention.


For purification of materials in the 25 ml to 1 liter range, the 36-100 Mini Fractional Distillation Apparatus is recommended. This distillation apparatus has all the advantages of the 9600 distillation system with 4 times the separating power.


For really small samples, consider the 800 Micro-Distillation Apparatus. This distillation equipment has the most separating power available for samples in the 5 to 25 ml range.


Application notes are available on separating natural product mixtures. We can also provide references for your application or your geographic area. The bibliography section of this web site has references from the literature on this subject.


Hemp and Cannabis Processing

High purity cannabinoids are the name of our game. Whether you are looking to produce THC, CBD, CBG, or others, B/R Instrument can help with every step after the harvest of your biomass. Remember extraction is only the beginning! Let us help you create the most refined oil on the market with our start to finish process.


Isolate pure CBD or CBG quickly and efficiently. Remove THC to non-detect levels.


Remove fats and waxes from your extracted crude. Efficient, modular, and reusable filters.

Spinning Band Distillation

Separate your cannabinoids to high purity in a single pass. Software and automation included.

THC Remediation

Selectively remove THC from your full-spectrum extract to create legal and compliant hemp products. Minor cannabinoids stay In tact.

Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Extract water soluble compounds from your crude or distillate. Increase your purity, color, and shelf-life.


Decarbing is required for some processing steps to occur. Strip light terpenes simultaneously to streamline your lab.


Solvent Recycling, Solvent Recycler, Fractional Distillation 

Pure Solvent for less than new: Bring used solvents back to their original purity or higher. Save on purchase and disposal costs.

Great Return on Investment: Solvent recyclers pay for themselves in about a year. After that, each batch of recycled solvent is like free money.

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