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79 Tips and Tricks for optimizing your IHC Workflow

SMM Instruments – Histology Initiative




SMM – has embraced the opportunity to set-up and train people in the field of Histology. In conjunction with its partners, SMM has entered into agreements to secure an online training platform that can support the needs of the South and Sub-Sharan African laboratories dealing with Histology.


Objective – To offer an online – training platform for histologists that is certified and recognised by all local authorities utilizing and promoting online education through its partners and making good use of the information already available by Leica’s Knowledge Pathway as a source of content, thereby promoting the brand throughout South and Sub-Saharan Africa




SMMI is one of the largest distributors for Leica Biosystems on the African continent and has been in business for around 40 years. SMMI dedicates its business focus to Histology and has an experienced complement of trained Product, Sales, Applications and Service Support Specialists to cover South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. SMMI currently has 4 divisions that operate in the fields of Analytical Pathology, Analytics, Environmental, Support & Training




eSTUDY is a digital training company that was established in 2015. It is a Level 1 Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) contributor, with 51% black and 30% black female shareholding, and is extensively involved in community development projects.


Its core business is to:


  • Conceptualise and develop eLearning programmes that are accredited by professional bodies and Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), allowing clients to obtain maximum benefits on their Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs), Annual Training Reports (ATRs) and BEE Scorecards.

  • ‘Build’ and implement eLearning programmes on a number of learning platforms (called learning management systems, or LMSs) – specifically the CrossKnowledge LMS.

  • Ensure learner engagement through tracking of learner progress and achievement, using detailed analytics and reporting available through the LMS and other analysis software.


eSTUDY has clients in (particularly) the finance and insurance, construction, pharmaceutical, and food and beverages industries. eSTUDY’s eLearning programmes can be delivered to any device, including smartphones.


For more information, visit:





CrossKnowledge is eSTUDY’s LMS and global content partner, which was established in 2000. The organisation is based in the United States, with offices around the world.


  • CrossKnowledge developed the CrossKnowledge LMS, which is built specifically for skills acquisition. The LMS functionality allows for integrated learning experiences and maximum learner engagement and is based on international best practices in adult online learning.

  • Over 12-million learners in more than 130 countries have been enrolled on learning programmes on the CrossKnowledge LMS.

  • The CrossKnowledge LMS includes 20 000 eLearning resources, most of which was developed in partnership with Wiley, a US-based publisher. This eLearning content focuses on leadership and management skills and includes contributors from Harvard Business School, London Business School, the University of Cambridge, and Duke University.


Leica – Knowledge Pathway

Leica is committed to providing support for in respect of good training material For this initiative to be successful we would certainly look to Leica to support the content of these online classes, webinars and possibly contribute toward a recognized 3-year training curriculum for laboratory staff and students alike. 


Business case: Initiative

Online Histology Training Academy





SMM in South Africa and the use of Knowledge Pathway is available we would ask if there is any possibility to make use of these materials as educational material where applicable as I believe that it would be a fantastic opportunity for Leica and SMMI to gain an even stronger foothold throughout South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. We see a great opportunity to utilize the work already carried out on Knowledge Pathway and the current work being carried out by Andrew Lisowski on the customer-facing webinars. Clearly, we would need to limit the material being Leica product but if we could state that the training content has been sponsored by Leica it would make a significant difference.

This is a dream that we at SMM would like to see become a reality.

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