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Leica ST5010 Autostainer XL

The proven Autostainer XL continues to provide reproducible, consistent, high-quality staining and increased workload throughput.

Plus, combine it with the CV5030 Glass Coverslipper to create a workstation that eliminates the manual handling of slide racks between staining and coverslipping.  

The flexibility of open consumables and reagents along with the option to use validated Surgipath reagents, consumables and protocols provide superior staining and coverslipping quality.


Leica ST5020 Multistainer

The Leica ST5020 Multistainer produces consistent, high-quality results for both routine and special stains and can perform single or multiple protocols at the same time.

In conjunction with the Leica CV5030 Coverslipper, the Leica ST5020 is an exceptionally versatile stainer-coverslipper workstation, that combines high flexibility with safer process execution. As a result, your laboratory benefits from optimized workflow.



HistoCore SPECTRA ST Stainer

The HistoCore SPECTRA ST is a high throughput routine H&E stainer with the uncompromised flexibility to process H&E and special stains simultaneously by maintaining high throughput. The optimized and validated protocols with specifically designed consumables provide unmatched and consistent staining results for the wide range of intensities pathologists expect.

The new fully automated and innovative HistoCore SPECTRA ST design features a unique dual robotic arm technology to streamline your staining process and eliminates workflow bottlenecks. The intuitive, easy to use software and the precise reagent management system with RFID technology provide more control and a decreased chance for human errors. Ultimately this will free you up to accomplish other tasks and meet increasing workload demands.



Leica CV5030 Fully Automated Glass Coverslipper

The Leica CV5030 fully automated glass coverslipper produces slides with superior optical quality for reliable long-term storage.

Its capability of handling a large variety of slide racks from different suppliers makes the Leica CV5030 very flexible. Most common mounting media, including xylene-free varieties, can be used.

The operator can choose wet or dry coverslipping. The CV5030’s performance achieves three goals: Highly consistent and reliable coverslipping quality, full adaptation to individual laboratory set-ups, integration into staining/coverslipping workstations to form a fully automated, user-friendly operation system.


HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation

Your time matters. Speed up slide processing while maintaining quality and consistency with the HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation, the only workstation that provides consistent staining from slides 1 to 1,600. It also offers the fastest glass coverslipping drying time on the market at only 5 minutes, processing slides that are instantly dry to the touch.

Work harder. Process up to 570 dried slides per hour so you can transport immediately and not delay diagnosis.

Improve efficiency by 20%. This solution provides the unique flexibility to process H&E and special stains simultaneously at high throughput in parallel with 52 stations.

Save time. By using specifically-designed consumables, users ensure consistent staining quality and reduce the number of manual corrective actions for coverslipped slides.



HistoCore SPECTRA CV Cover Glass

Ready to use cover glass cartridges provide fast and easy exchange while reducing fingerprints on the individual cover glass.

This product is only available for use in conjunction with the HistoCore SPECTRA CV.


Slides & Coverglass

Create clear microscope slides and e-slides. The diverse Surgipath range lets you choose a high-quality slide for any application, and Premier and Micro Coverglass are available for automated and manual coverslipping.

Always use the right slide – select from multiple adhesive/positively charged, painted ends, and corner options.

Deliver exceptional reliability and quality – Surgipath Snowcoat, Xtra, and Apex Clipped Corner slides are validated for use with the Leica IP S slide printer

Reliable automatic coverslipping



Routine (H&E) and Special Stains

Reveal the structures of life with a variety of H&E (hematoxylin & eosin) and special stains specially formulated to let you consistently create your preferred staining aesthetic.


Create the perfect partnership – HistoCore SPECTRA H&E stains are validated for use with the HistoCore SPECTRA ST stainer.

Standardize your H&Es – HistoCore SPECTRA H&E and ST Infinity staining kits deliver the staining consistency you need, slide after slide.

A wide range of special stains allows you to identify a variety of the structures in your work.


Mounting Media & Adhesives

Choose the media that’s right for your laboratory. The Surgipath range includes a variety of mounting media and adhesives for both paraffin and frozen specimens. No matter how you work, our mounting solutions will work for you.

Increased safety – xylene-free options.

High-quality – clear and permanent mounting media.

Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer

The Leica ST4020 packs the software programming features of a large linear stainer into a unique compact design. With advanced automation, the Leica ST4020 lets technicians start a run, then dedicate their time to other urgent tasks.

Flexible programming makes the Leica ST4020 ideal for many sample types. Turn to the Leica ST4020 when you need to run skin samples (Mohs specimens), frozen sections, fine needle aspirates and biopsies!

The Leica ST4020 may be small, but it’s definitely not limited.

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