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HistoCore PEARL - Tissue Processor

The HistoCore PEARL tissue processor combines a compact design with the essential features needed in the laboratory: User safety and ease-of-use.

This fully enclosed tissue processor provides high-end reliability with a new retort design, and allows safe and reliable conventional processing with a 200 cassette per run capacity. Maximize your laboratory space with the small footprint of the HistoCore PEARL tissue processor.


Leica ASP300S Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor

Proven technology combined with top quality components. Optional RemoteCare diagnostic provide superior instrument reliability.

Simplify user operations with an intuitive user interface, color touch screen and a variety of "smart" features. Improve specimen quality and laboratory economy with the Reagent Management System and quick start for commonly used programs.


ASP6025 S

The New ASP6025 S is designed to improve your lab’s performance with quality-driven technology that optimizes tissue processing performance and supports rapid processing.

Designed for increased performance and reliability, the new ASP6025 S processes up to 300 cassettes simultaneously for faster turnaround times.

Advanced magnetic stirrer technology optimizes paraffin infiltration and reagent exchange.

Density Meter tracks reagent concentration for improved processing quality.

Pre-installed validated protocols give you the flexibility to process different tissue types.


HistoCore PELORIS 3 Premium Tissue Processing System

Meet today’s workflow demands and build your lab’s capacity for the future. With a HistoCore PELORIS 3 tissue processor, feel confident with Track and Trace features designed to maximize productivity for efficient and flexible workflow, while maintaining quality.


Enhanced workflows and improved user experience with high quality tissue processing

Track and trace features enhance and maintain the tissue processing quality

Streamline your workflow to make your day more productive with:

Dual Retort Design: high-capacity (up to 600 cassettes) & rapid throughput

ActivFlo System is engineered to create a reagent vortex to actively accelerate tissue processing



Paraffin wax formulations developed with consistent quality and dependability to minimize tissue distortion and provide exceptional compression resistance and ribbon continuity. Featuring a variety of set-point temperatures, additives, and characteristics, there is a paraffin to meet your processing, embedding, and sectioning needs.

The Paraplast lines offer quality solutions for standard, low, and high temperature infiltration & embedding.

Parablocks, preformed paraffin blocks, are specifically shaped to fit easily into your ASP or PELORIS surgipath tissue processors. No measuring or topping off needed.

Additional infiltration & embedding medium options available, including structural support for thin sections and dense tissues.



Secure your tissue, enhance processing, and eliminate block trimming. Surgipath cassettes and embedding molds offer many ways to help you improve efficiency and quality. Our cassettes come in a variety of formats and constructions, including one or two piece, taped, and even a seamless, pre-packaged tube.


Maximize processing quality – unique cassette designs optimize reagent exchange.


Improve productivity – tightly matched cassettes and molds eliminated block scraping/trimming.


Create your ideal solution – choose from a diverse range with many options.


Leica TP1020 Semi-enclosed Benchtop Tissue Processor

The Leica TP1020 tissue processor is available in four configurations: the basic instrument, the basic instrument with vacuum, the basic instrument with a fume control system and the basic instrument with both vacuum and fume control.

Gentle specimen processing and a high level of specimen safety at all stages of the processing run are supported by the robust design based on precision mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface.

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