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Liquid Handling

The reliable EMCLAB diespensers Eco zero replace step by step the large volume glass instruments to safe reagents.

EMCLAB series adjustable pipettes are product of intensive ergonomic and operational studies and the application of modern innovative materials. EMCLAB pipettes are the perfect manual pipettes for demanding laboratory applications for scientists who prefer accuracy, reproducibility and ergonomic features required by users working in the life sciences. Robust, one-handed operation, high precision and easy calibration, for long lasting reliability.  

The EMCLAB ManuPep is a professional aid for manual pipetting. A punctiform illuminated working surface helps to keep the target position of the pipette in sight at all times.

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DEWAR flasks

Dewar flasks are double walled vacuum insulated flasks made of glass or metal, which have the task to thermally insulate a therein-stored product (LN2; CO2 etc.) against the ambient temperature. Dewar flasks consist of an inner and an outer recipient, whichare connected on top at the filling port. The space between the inner and the outer flask is vacuum insulated, to stop the heat contact between the product stored in the Dewar flask and the ambient temperature (contact warmth). Additionally, Dewar flasks made of glass have a silver coating in the vacuum space, in order to minimise the warmth radiation. The best possible insulation could be received by reducing the contact warmth and the radiation warmth.

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Magnetic Stirrers / Hot plate stirrers

EMCLAB Inductive Magnetic Stirrer - magnetic drives are working on the inductive principle. This means that instead of conventionally motors with pull magnets, is working with stationary coils, which are defined flown through by alternating currents. The thereby generated electromagnetic rotating field is 100% wear- and maintenance-free. The drive does not have any mechanically moved parts, as e.g. belts, bearings or motors. Therefore, the drives are reliable and absolutely wear-free even at high operation temperatures (up to +300 °C).

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ATEX Certified Stirrer

The vane type, air-powered drive is a gas expansion motor. Its sliding vanes, unlike a piston motor, create a direct rotary motion. It offers a higher power density, significant weight saving and smaller size in comparison to an equivalent electric motor. The simple design, makes it robust and low-maintenance.

The compressed air-driven laboratory stirrers and industrial stirrers are certified in accordance with Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX).

The compressed air stirrers are, according to the type, classified as:

Ex II 2G c IIB T4, ≤ -20°C TA to ≤ +40°C


Ex II 2G c IIB T5, ≤ -20°C TA to ≤ +40°C

EMCLAB UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

As manufacturer EMCLAB Instruments offers a wide range of UV/VIS Spectrophotometers single and double beam with extended on-board software as well as Basic, Professional and Analyst PC software. EMCLAB spectrophotometers are supplied with works calibration certificate which is based on DAkkS reference materials and NIST traceable. Qualified service partners offer an excellent after-sales service for all EMCLAB products.

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