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Paraffin wax formulations developed with consistent quality and dependability to minimize tissue distortion and provide exceptional compression resistance and ribbon continuity. Featuring a variety of set-point temperatures, additives, and characteristics, there is a paraffin to meet your processing, embedding, and sectioning needs.

  • The Paraplast lines offer quality solutions for standard, low, and high temperature infiltration & embedding.

  • Parablocks, preformed paraffin blocks, are specifically shaped to fit easily into your ASP or PELORIS surgipath tissue processors. No measuring or topping off needed.

  • Additional infiltration & embedding medium options available, including structural support for thin sections and dense tissues.


Microtome & Cryostat Blades

Created with microtomists for microtomists, we offer a wide variety of products for both microtomes and cryostats. Surgipath blades will help you consistently produce great slides from hard, soft or frozen specimens.

  • The DB80 series is our highest quality microtome blades, cutting the thin sections needed for diagnostic clarity. They feature an advanced shape, premium finish, and edge-to-edge consistency.

  • The 818/819 series delivers solid quality stainless steel low and high profile blades for routine sectioning.

  • The Surgipath Classic series offers disposable low and high profile blades supplied in an ejector dispenser pack, featuring a storage compartment for the safe discard of spent blades.



Secure your tissue, enhance processing, and eliminate block trimming. Surgipath cassettes and embedding molds offer many ways to help you improve efficiency and quality. Our cassettes come in a variety of formats and constructions, including one or two piece, taped, and even a seamless, pre-packaged tube.

  • Maximize processing quality – unique cassette designs optimize reagent exchange.

  • Improve productivity – tightly matched cassettes and molds eliminated block scraping/trimming.

  • Create your ideal solution – choose from a diverse range with many options.


Reagents & Solutions

Find the exact reagents you need to prepare and process any type of tissue. Select your preferred decalcifier, fixative, and other reagents to help you take the tissue through all of preanalytical workflow stages.

  • Produce quality results – proven formulations manufactured to tight standards.

  • Make the right choice – multiple options let you choose the ideal reagent for your application.

  • Improve your laboratory environment – choose a xylene substitute.


Routine (H&E) and Special Stains

Reveal the structures of life with a variety of H&E (hematoxylin & eosin) and special stains specially formulated to let you consistently create your preferred staining aesthetic.

  • Create the perfect partnership – HistoCore SPECTRA H&E stains are validated for use with the HistoCore SPECTRA ST stainer.

  • Standardize your H&Es – HistoCore SPECTRA H&E and ST Infinity staining kits deliver the staining consistency you need, slide after slide.

  • A wide range of special stains allows you to identify a variety of the structures in your work.


Mounting Media & Adhesives

Choose the media that’s right for your laboratory. The Surgipath range includes a variety of mounting media and adhesives for both paraffin and frozen specimens. No matter how you work, our mounting solutions will work for you.

  • Increased safety – xylene-free options.

  • High-quality – clear and permanent mounting media.


Archiving, Transport & Storage

Make sure samples arrive in the best possible condition. Protect your high-quality blocks from loss or damage with slide mailers/folders/boxes, specimen transport, and storage systems. The Surgipath range has everything you need to protect valuable patient tissue through the whole histology process.

  • Make the best possible start – get tissue quickly into fixative with pre-filled specimen containers.

  • Share safely – use Surgipath slide mailers to protect finished slides.

  • Stay organized – use space-efficient modular storage systems



Leica Biosystems offers a wide range of high-quality safety & hygiene products, frozen-section media, collection devices for cytology, microbiology tools, and equipment for autopsy & dissection.

  • Practical safety equipment and general hygiene products such as gloves and chemical control helps you stay safe and protect laboratory staff.

  • For microbiology research applications, our Bacti-Cinerator system sterilizes utilizing infrared heat-organic material incinerated deep in a ceramic funnel tube.

  • Accurately and efficiently dissect tissue and conduct autopsies with our ergonomic tools, scalpel blades, dissection instruments, forceps, hemostats, and more. They help you quickly complete even the most intricate work.


Slides & Coverglass

Create clear microscope slides and e-slides. The diverse Surgipath range lets you choose a high-quality slide for any application, and Premier and Micro Coverglass are available for automated and manual coverslipping.

  • Always use the right slide – select from multiple adhesive/positively charged, painted ends, and corner options.

  • Deliver exceptional reliability and quality – Surgipath Snowcoat, Xtra, and Apex Clipped Corner slides are validated for use with the Leica IP S slide printer

  • Reliable automatic coverslipping

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